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Senior Session Q&A
Below is a list of frequently asked questions and detailed information on what to expect when you book a senior portrait session.
1. What should I wear/bring?
Your portrait sessions are all about you.You don’t necessarily need to “dress up” for your portrait session. The best images are usually captured when you wear clothing that you are comfortable in and outfits that match your unique style.I recommend trying to keep things simple by picking solid colors and coordinating your wardrobe as much as possible – the only exception is to avoid wearing solid white.
So bring 3-4 different outfits that show off your personality and style. Solid colors and longer sleeves will help emphasize the face and are less distracting in photos. For your traditional head and shoulders simple, long sleeved tops in solid medium to dark tones of brown, gray, burgundy, green or blue are good choices for a medium to dark background. It’s also important that you are comfortable in your clothes. If you are not comfortable, it will show in your pictures. Consider how the color compliments your skin tone. Girls – feel free to wear heels, but make sure you also bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes. Also bring any pets / props / instruments that are important to you. Stripes are a no-no, as are clothes with any kind of repeating small print or pattern and logos. Consider bringing along several different clothing changes. Adding or removing a jacket, changing into different shoes, or putting on a different shirt can change your outfit just enough to make it appear that you are wearing an entirely different wardrobe. Also be sure that your clothing is clean and free of wrinkles.
Start by getting plenty of sleep the night before. Tired and baggy eyes will show up in the final images. On the day of your portrait session, be sure to apply your makeup the same way you would on any other day. It’s usually not a good idea to try out something new right before having your pictures taken. I want your images to be a true reflection of you!
Consider bringing a brush, lipstick, powder, hair clips and a pocket mirror with you to have on hand during the portrait session. Applying lipstick (even if you don’t typically wear lipstick) will help your lips standout. Dry, chapped lips never look good in high resolution photographs! Your hands will probably be in a few of the images so consider doing your nails right before your portrait session. Along with that, kicking off your shoes can be a fun way to shake up the look of the images so you may want to get a pedicure too. Don’t be caught by surprise with chipped or worn out nail polish.
I recommend bringing at least two outfits. Most senior girls change into three or four outfits during their session. Select a wardrobe that can be coordinated together (for example, pants that look good with two or three different shirts, etc.). Watch out for bra straps that might be hanging out. And of course, be careful not to wear a dark colored undergarments under light colored shirts or you might be surprised what shows up in the final photographs.
Consider getting a haircut a few days before the session. On the day of the session, take a shower, shave and comb your hair. Get ready for the portrait session like you’re planning to meet someone important or special. It’s tough to capture great senior pictures if you show up with “bed head” (yes, it happens!) or if you haven’t changed your clothes in a few days. Bring at least one extra change of clothes. We totally understand that most guys don’t want to change multiple times, but you should have at least one extra shirt and pants on hand. While we want you to wear clothes you feel comfortable in, keep in mind that your mom, grandmother and the rest of your family may want to display a few of the photographs from your session. Bring a comb and at least one reasonably conservative set of clothes so that everyone is happy!
2. Should I bring my mom or dad to my session?
Yes,bring at least one parent with you. A parent is always a valuable assistant during the shoot and can help with clothes, hair, props, etc.
3. Can I bring a friend to my session?
Definitely. Friends can often bring out the best smiles.
4. Proofing. How does it work?
After your photo shoot, the photos will be posted online to a password protected page for viewing approximately two weeks later.
Additional Important Points:
*Glasses – if you wear glasses most of the time, you’ll probably want to be photographed with them. To eliminate glare or distortion, borrow frames without lenses from your optical store or have your lenses removed. This will save you the cost of removing glass glare from your portrait.
*Jewelry should be kept simple, wide gold and silver necklaces may or may not cause a glare.
*Hair – try to have your cut or perm at least one week before your session. It is best to wear your hair the way you normally do.
*Turtlenecks or V-necks are flattering provided that neither is exaggerated in style.
*Apply make-up as you normally would, an even foundation that matches your skin tone, mascara and a touch of lipstick. Also bring along translucent powder to eliminate any shine.
*Stray hair, tan lines and sunburn can be costly to correct.
* I want to make your session fun and unique.
*The traditional earthy tones also work best for outdoor.
*Casual fun portraits – most anything works.
*Jeans are perfect for any background.
*Add a personal touch by bringing in your favorite hat, sunglasses, musical instrument, jacket, sports gear, pet, “wheels”, or be photographed with your best friend.
*Don’t forget shoes, socks, and jewelry.